Polk Audio MM651 Speaker Review

If you are scouting for the best audio speaker, then you have come to the right place. Great music is the best accompaniment to the sound of the wind when driving or even riding your bike across the streets.
Polk Audio MM651 Speaker Review
Rare moments in life are as fulfilling as sailing with family or friends, enjoying the sun, the sights, the cruise and the open water. Including your favorite music to these events makes these days quite memorable. The truth is, you do not want your music to sound bad whether you are at sea or on the road.

Boats thrive in harsh environments surrounded by conditions not ideal for audio speakers, the open air, and the sound of the wind, water, and engine. Vehicles also have their drawbacks noise of the engines often interfere with the sound quality of the speakers.

Therefore, whether you are traveling on a boat or a car you need to have a speaker that can withstand the elements associated with rain, salty air, dust, humidity, the sound of the engine, moisture and many others.

Loud Sound

The Polk Audio mm651 has a robust system that will provide you with quality loud sound. Its speakers are powerful neodymium magnets made of rare earth metals that feature a large 30mm voice coil.

The neodymium is robust and light. To produce high-quality sound, it spots a light woven glass composite cone cleverly put on the woofer and a silk dome incorporated on the tweeter.


The polka audio mm651 has a triple digit nominal power rating this is due to the large diameter voice coil. The nominal impedance of 2.7 indicates the use of a thick wire on the coil that increases its power handling.

These speakers maintain excellent sensitivity rating of 94decibel/W/M this score is lower than the systems used in concert venues. Using only 10 watts, these speakers will deliver over 100 decibels of output. The low power consumption means significant savings on fuel used to charge the batteries.


The polka audio mm651 futuristic design with a cogwheel looking grille around the tweeter spotting six spokes coming out of it. It features a cone that has a honeycomb texture that looks cool.

The mm651 uses the Polk powerful balance technology, created by laser interferometry, to view the entire vibrating surface of the tweeter cone. This ability to see material resonating allowed the tweaking of the design in a way that reduced frequency response distortion thus produced extremely clear sound.


The Polk Audio mm651 is marine rated. The mm651 has undergone accelerated strength tests for ultraviolet light, corrosive effects of salt and subjected to extreme temperatures between 40degrees F to 185degrees F. A speaker that passes these tests will have an easy time in the door panel of your car.

For the basket, The Polk Audio mm651 utilizes a carbon composite material that gives it high strength and stiffness. This feature makes it extremely durable than stamped steel basket.

Portability And Convenience

It is easy to install and handle the Polk Audio mm651 because it has standard dimensions with a four-point mounting. The grille will not get loose and fall because screws that hold the entire speaker hold it. The screws made of stainless steel makes them non-corrosive. The well-fixed grille makes the Polk Audio mm651 sturdy.

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  • It is sensitive and the loudest marine speaker.
  • All its components are waterproofed and noncorrosive.
  • They feature universal mounting rings providing secure mounting without drilling.
  • They are thoroughly tested to survive harsh environments.


  • The speakers do not have easy installation diagrams.
  • There is no specification of the shielding of the speaker.
  • It is tough to remove the speaker because it is held stiffly with screws.


Q: I have never heard of Polk Audio. Is the company reliable?

A: Polk Audio started in 1972 in Baltimore. As we speak Polk Audio is one of the leading sound businesses in the world.

Q: Can I buy your audio products directly from the factory?

A: Yes, You can get our products online, from Amazon and Polk online store.

Q: What do you mean by marine certified?

A: It means we took our speaker on the water and subjected to the extreme environments to test the material we used and to see how durable they are.

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Final Verdict

If you are looking for a good quality audio speaker for your car or boat the Polk Audio mm651 is the speaker you afford to miss. Its ability to withstand the effects of ultraviolet rays makes it extremely durable.

This speaker is made of high-quality neodymium materials, which give it the strength and produces great sound. It is coated to prevent corrosion in harsh environments. The Polk Audio mm 651 will give a piece of mind while providing you with excellent quality sounds.

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