Pioneer TS-MR1640 Marine Speakers Review

I have nicknamed them the marine commandoes because they have capitalized on the fear that most electronics especially speakers cannot survive in a watery environment. By watery environment, I mean sea, river or even a swamp.

Pioneer TS-MR1640 Marine Speakers Review
The pioneer is mr 1640 speaker swims through the tide of fear and emerges as the savior. Behold this speaker which is designed completely and specifically for the marine environment.

If you are on that boat ride in the ocean, definitely the pioneer ts mr 1640 will bring life to your boat through music. The designers made it in such a way that it can withstand the noise from the boat’s engine and the strong sound of the ocean tides.

The performance from the speakers is hilarious providing great sound. The pioneer ts mr 1640 speaker has great features that I will later on highlight which make it adapt to the awkward environment.


The pioneer ts mr 1640 is tough because its components such as woofer is waterproof since it’s made from molded polypropylene while the tweeter is made from polyetherimide.

The speaker is able to withstand yellowing caused by sunlight and corrosion from salt water and fog because its frame is made from acrylonitrile-elastomer styrene glass fiber. It was designed to be tough and durable. The above-mentioned specifications play there on little roles which impact on the larger durability of the speaker.


The pioneer ts mr 1640 has a maximum power of 160 watts and a minimum of 30 watts. That type of power is strong enough to last the speaker for days. Since the pioneer ts mr was designed for open air water life, its performance has to be overwhelming in terms of sound or audio quality.

The listeners have to enjoy music for far too long. The estimated power is good enough to sustain the quality of music at the highest level.

Physical Appearance

The pioneer speaker measures about 13.2 by 7.8 by 4.2 inches and weighs 5 lbs. As for the shape, the pioneer ts mr 1640 is dual cone shaped. With this type of shape, it can be mounted anywhere especially in a dug out space. I like the fact that it is still portable even though the measurements seem to be a little different from other such like speakers.


Well as for this aspect the pioneer speaker seems to have stayed old school despite the fact that almost everything else about it embraces technology. The pioneer ts mr 1640 prefers connectivity which is using wire.

That means other devices that have music can only be connected to the speaker using a wire. Still, regarding connectivity, the speaker cannot be accessed via remote control, therefore, the user always has to be close to it to operate it.


As we know the eyes are always attracted to nicely packaged and colored products. It is for the said reason that the designers of the pioneer ts mr 1640 speaker made it possible for the speaker to be available in various unique and beautiful colors such as light blue, red, black and dark green. The buyer is always spoilt for choice regarding colors.

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  • Available at relatively affordable price
  • Perfect shape which can fit almost anywhere
  • Produces quality sound
  • Water resistant


  • At times the minimal 30 watts power gets exhausted earlier than expected


Q: Does the pioneer ts mr 1640 come as a pair?

A: Yes, it does come as a pair. Operating in aquatic environments cannot be a job for one speaker, but two would do just fine.

Q: Does the pioneer speaker come with a warranty?

A: Of course, a warranty is essential for such like a product which operates in tough surroundings.

Q: Can it be fitted somewhere?

A: That essence has already been taken care of by the fact that the pioneer ts mr 1640 speaker can be placed somewhere dug out.

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Final Verdict

So far so good the pioneer ts mr 1640 is still at the top of the speakers that can play in watery environments.

Having seen its features and capabilities, I would recommend potential buyers who want to go on a boat ride to tag along this speaker, and they will not regret. I like it simply because it is durable and produces quality sound.

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