AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Man’s latest innovation has made music lovers breathe, live, walk and sleep music simply because the possibility of having a portable Bluetooth speaker is no longer a dream. This device can be carried anywhere as it plays music that suits the listener.

Amazonbasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The portable speaker operates by Bluetooth connectivity, but surprisingly the unlucky ones have also been catered for. Most speakers also have an alternative port where a cable connected to the phone can be used, or a micro SD card can be inserted.

Another plus for this speaker is that the quality sound coming from it is just so superb which makes the music electrifying. The portable Bluetooth speaker has formidable and special features which make it work and serve the listeners under different environments for example in the bathroom, bus, field and at the beach.

Quick Connectivity

As soon as the Bluetooth device is located and connected, music starts playing. This can barely take a minute and a half. Bluetooth connectivity can be done via iPhone, tablets, iPod, and smartphones.

Non-Bluetooth devices can also be connected to this speaker through a different mechanism. There is a 3.55mm audio cable that can be used to connect to the non-Bluetooth devices. Another unique aspect is that phone calls from a connected smartphone can be heard in the hands-free speakerphone.

Ultra Portable

For starters the speaker is 5 inches long, 2.8 inches tall and weighs quite some grams. This creates a clear picture in mind of the kind of device being reviewed.

Judging from the above measurements, it indicates that the portable Bluetooth speaker can fit in quite abnormal places i.e. small purse and it can be carried anywhere by anyone kids included.

Like any other electronic this speaker portable Bluetooth uses power, therefore, it contains a high capacity rechargeable 2200 mAh battery for up to 7 hours maximum of playtime.

High Quality And Crystal Clear Sound

Music becomes more enjoyable by the quality of the sound. Even if the music is good but poor sound then there would be no enjoyment but just screeches and noise.

The Bluetooth portable speaker delivers excellent stereo sound and enhanced bass from the inbuilt bass radiator. The music coming from this speaker can be heard for quite a distance which makes it also a competitive device for other devices in the market.

Water Resistant

This is a relief for the kind of careless people, the portable Bluetooth speaker can resist gentle water spray and splash but unfortunately cannot be fully or partially submerged in water.

This means it is not yet fully perfect the only room created is for spray water like the one found in a shower but not running tap water. Apart from being water resistant, the portable Bluetooth speaker is also resistant to dust and sand.


  • Easily portable.
  • Available in various shapes to suit various customers.
  • Buyers have the privilege of enjoying a one year warranty.
  • Universally compatible.
  • Easily accessible.


  • Highly susceptible to mechanical failure due to its complexity and design.
  • Not durable enough.


Q: How long does the device play music without the need to be recharged?

A: Once the device has been fully recharged, it can last up to 7 hours when playing nonstop music. This is made possible by a 2200mAh high capacity battery found on the device.

Q: What is its life capacity?

A: For such a device it is quite challenging to tell the life duration since it is simple but yet involves a lot especially on the part of the user. It all depends on the user if he or she takes good care of the device then it will last for as long as it is supposed to live.

Final Verdict

The portable Bluetooth speaker can be said to be a wonder since it makes life easier and enjoyable in the music world. Its ability to produce quality sound and also be resistant to various obstacles in the environment makes it a desire for many music lovers.

My only worry is its safety mechanism or reaction to whatever sought of damage that might come along with the musical journey of the user. In the end, it is worth the great risk. Cheers to good music.

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